We have a new surf shop in the garden. Join in and take lessons from a qualified British instructor.


There is something for everyone in the garden. Whilst essentially we are a budget hostel our rooms are clean and bright, all have fans and are beautifully decorated with African art. Many of our double huts are of local clay bricks with thatched roofs to keep them cool. Most cottages are self contained. Several have A/C. Our shower water is used by the plants. Water should be used wisely.

 Our room prices are in $$ but are payable in cedis at the daily rate. The cedi has depreciated against the dollar by more than 100% in the last 24 months.


Double Huts

 Double huts with fan - $18.00


The House -  $52.00 sleeps 10/12

Sahara Suite

The Sahara Suite - $53.00

The Sahara Suite comes with all modern amenities and sleeps five people comfortably.

Rick's Suite

Rick's Suite with A/C and fridge -  sleeps 4 - $35.00

Self-contained Huts

Double Huts, Self Contained - $22.00

...... with A/C .....                 $26.00

  Four bed room self contained with fan $27.00

Three bed room self contained with fan $24.00

Three bed self contained with A/C $31.00

                                                            Three bed with AC and fridge $36.00

We have simple Single rooms available for $13.00 per night $22.00 with bathroom and A/C.

If on a smaller budget, stay in our new dormitory for $6.00 or erect your own tents for  $7.00

Overlanders welcome!

We also welcome overlanders who have

reached us from across the Sahara!




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