We have a new surf shop in the garden. Join in and take lessons from a qualified British instructor.

Welcome - Akwaaba

Akwaaba - Welcome to Big Milly's, KokrobiteCombine a laid back London hotelier with an equally laid back Ghanaian partner, Wendy and Seto, build two rooms and Big Millys was born.

 From Big Milly ... I love the African continent and have been travelling to and fro since 1986. After a short trip to West Africa in 1993, I decided to move to Ghana. I bought a patch of bush and Big Milly's Backyard was established.

We started with thirty six coconut trees and two small rooms, one for us and one for the guests. Twenty years later, we now have twenty rooms, one hundred and fifty trees, a large menagerie of pets, over thirty different bird species and many butterflies. The friendly bats in our coconut trees, who start up a lively chirruping at dusk, eliminate most of our mosquitoes.


Kokrobite Fishermen

Our garden gate opens onto a long, sandy beach with a rocky promotory to one end, suitable for scrambling over or fishing from. The beach is clean and safe for swimming or surfing, or for just relaxing under a shady thatched umbrella.

Kokrobite is a small, lively fishing village about 25 km west of Accra and one hours drive from Kotoka International Airport. A trip to Accra for visas or shopping takes about 45 minutes.

The village has recently acquired a tarmac road but it stops 1/2 km short of the garden, so we are not disturbed by traffic. Kokrobite village is a clutter of thatched clay huts where cooking and sleeping take place outside. The fishermen work from large dugout canoes which are manually hauled up the beach accompanied by singing. A plentiful supply of fresh fish is always available in our restaurant.


Kokrobite KidsGhanaians are extraordinarily friendly people with a great joy for living. You are never far from someone singing or dancing. It's not unusual in the village to find groups of pre-school children producing amazing rhythms on a set of saucepans and lids. Music is everywhere!

The sun shines for 10-11 months every year and the temperature is 23-33C depending on the season; March and April are hotter months while June to September are the rainy season and cooler. In Kokrobite, a whole rainy day is very unusual as a heavy downpour normally lasts a short time and is always followed by sunshine.


We look forward to welcoming you

Hello from Big Milly's!


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